Laren Watson

Board Certified Holistic Health Coach CHHC AADP
phone: (206) 909-8162

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Corporate Wellness Programs and
Holistic Health & Nutrition Coaching by Laren Watson

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Have you been told by your doctor that you need to change a few things about your lifestyle pronto but don’t know how? Are you scared sh*tless because you’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer? I have been there and I can help.

Do you want happy, healthy employees who arrive refreshed, full of energy and ready to work? Do you want to reduce sick days and increase productivity?

It’s time to:

  • feel vibrant when you wake up in the morning, and have energy all day long.
  • get rid of embarrassing gas, stomach aches, heartburn, and inflammation.
  • sleep more soundly and feel more relaxed.
  • give your immune system a powerful boost.
  • get your head on straight to fight cancer head-on!

I work one-on-one, in groups and do Corporate Wellness Programs. Contact me today at 206-909-8162 or laren [at] eatingwell-livingwell [dot] com to discuss how I can help you or your employees!

“When I started coaching with Laren I had acid reflux, gas,
bloating and been diagnosed with IBS, all of which was causing me
a lot of pain and suffering. After 2 months coaching with Laren
and the changes we made in my diet, all of those symptoms
are gone!” –Mackenzie K.